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First, it is SysAdmin Day! So happy sysadmin day to all of those hardworking sysadmins out there. I’ve had a project that I wanted to get off the ground for a while now. In fact, I think of it every time I move jobs, or start working on a project and think “wow this could be really useful to the other sysadmins out there.” So in the spirit of sysadmin day, I’m announcing a new open source project that I’ve put up on github today. I’m calling the project “SysAdminTools” my vision is that it is a place where we can put all of those tools that we create out there and help our fellow admins by stopping the constant re-inventing of the wheel at all of the different places out there.

Honestly I’ve never seen a place that is a central collection of scripts and utilities that are useful to the brotherhood of the sysadmin and that is something I have always wanted to see out there. There have been many a long night hacking together some code where I’ve spent a few hours thinking to myself: surely someone has done this before! And yet, if they have it’s locked up in the bowels of some private RVS or on some random file share somewhere.

I think today is a great day to say enough is enough, and put this out there. I’ve seeded it with some of the utilities that we have put together at Stack Exchange some of them need work most of them have TODO’s but I promise to keep working on them and I call on you the great sysadmin community to help add to, grow and improve the scripts in this repository. My dream is that this grows to be THE repository for sysadmin tools and scripts.

The repo can be found at:

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