Seven years

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About Seven years ago I started at Stack Overflow. Today, with mixed emotions I am leaving Stack Overflow for my next adventure. I am both sad to leave a great company, and great people. At the same time, I am excited to take on a new and bigger challenge. I don’t know where my career or my life would be at right now if I had not come to Stack Overflow to make the internet a better place. The amount that I have learned from my coworkers is astounding, these really are some of the smartest and best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

I will carry the memories, and the mission of Stack Overflow with me for the rest of my life. On Monday, I will start my next adventure with Take Two Interactive.

If you are interested in taking up the job of making the internet a better place, the SRE team at Stack Overflow is Hiring!

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