About Me

Hi, My name is George and I’m a SysAdmin.

I’ve been working in IT since I was 17 years old. In that time i’ve work for a small mom and pop consultancy, a large soul-less multi-national corporation, and now all that hard work has paid off and I’m working for a  kick ass startup in New York city. Over the years I’ve developed some ideas on how a SysAdmin should work, what those conditions should be and some fierce opinions on technologies. My goal here to to give some of these thoughts and ideas that have been banging around my head a place to be that isn’t my head.

Right now I’m working for Stack Exchange, Inc. running the Stack Exchange network – know best for www.stackoverflow.com, www.serverfault.com, and www.superuser.com. I work with a bunch of awesome people that really know a lot about technology.